It's Radio Bitch!

So what's Asian Pop Addict, you ask? It's a weekly podcast radio show where every fan girl (or fan boy- we know you're out there!) can get their J-Pop & K-Pop media swag on.

Don't let the word POP fool you. We not only play the latest in pop but also rock, rap, hip hop and other types of asian music.

We'll cover the latest in news, gossip, and entertainment from your favorite artists, all while playing hits from various genres from both scenes.

So fandoms of [insert random fandom name] rejoice! You've come to the right spot.

So tune in, bring a sense of humor (PLS!!), enjoy the chatter and the lulz, because no topic is off limits and disorderly ranting is welcomed.

And FUCK YEA! It's all uncensored!!!!

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We Likey

So I’m catching up on videos while at work and I see Wassup’s “twerk tutorial”….

Asker Anonymous Asks:
It's July now. It's been 7 months since the last show. It's as if I'm left on this desert with no water...when's the next show happening? Is it just gonna be the 1st show of 2013 and end of year show this year?!?!?
asianpopaddict asianpopaddict Said:

Lol we shall bring you water soon! No we will do more shows soon….very soon. -Cyn

LMFAOOOO!!! Tiffany’s shitastic pitch made it all the way to ESPN’s show “Sports Nation”. -Cyn

Taeyang….I mean….REALLY?!?! Comments on this, on the next show. -Cyn

What in the sam hell is this? This pic has now fueled my next “WTF…” vlog. Oh yeah.-Cyn